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Ho ho ho, brief mortals.  Ho ho ho, cower, et cetera et cetera, ad nauseum ad infinitum.

Not so much a New Years Resolution as something I've been thinking about, and figured I'd give a shot at in the beginning of the year because hey, we're starting a new year, so I'll start a new thing.  And I will name it Thaddeus IV.  If you want to learn more, then read on.  If not... well, bugger off, return to your previously-scheduled entertainment, and so on and on and on another note...

I generally draw whatever comes to mind, and I do a lot of that.  Well, the things coming to mind bit, that is.  I don't draw enough.  I do sketch a lot, though, and what you see posted here is generally whatever I develop enough for me to think, this is, if not perfect, at least presentable or an acceptable percentage of complete.  Inspiring words, no doubt, my bold vacillation.

...HO HO HO?
But I've thought about developing a system to abide by when it comes to the things I draw.  Or, really, submit.  I draw many things.  True, they invariably boil down to "monster", "elf girl", "armor", or some combination of the above.  Bah, I can have interests, can't I?  Nothing wrong with that.  And it could be worse.  I could have other hobbies.  Like, wasting several thousand dollars on little plastic model kits depicting evil ancient Egyptian robot mummy zombie skeleton aliens or space Mongolians riding motorcycles, spend many days assembling them, and many months painting some but somehow never getting more than half done.  And then, I could roll dice to play out simulated battles to see who wins in a battle*.  But I digress.  My point is that I draw whatever comes to mind (as narrow as that spectrum may be), and so I've thought up a method of diversifying my skills and subject matter, involving the three people who still follow me, and trying different things.**

So.  I am going to adopt a rotating cycle of topics that I'll draw and post.  The topics are, in order:

  1. GUEST INKS: As mentioned in my previous journal (3.028 - Dan Inks Stuff), if you have an unfinished or pencil drawing that you want to see inked, but either lack the skill or time to finish it on your own, or you think it would be a neat experiment to see what I can do with it, let me know.  I'll ink it for you, credit you, and post it on my page.  Keep the project relatively simple, though: if you ask me to ink a picture of a Shoggoth, and you've drawn fifty different tentacles (each one with a fully-detailed Investigator in its grasp), I reserve the right to either go insane or turn the project down.  I may already be insane, but this is a pool with an infinite slope down to a deep end that light and sonar cannot pierce, and I can always keep sinking.
  2. FAN ART: Either at my own discretion, or at the request of a watcher, I'll take a stab at drawing something from an established franchise, or a friend's characters, and such-like.  Just be aware that I have a twisted sense of humor and a very dark persona, so where you might see a pink pony, I instead see Dame Pinkamena the Destroyer, Avenger of the Realm and Breaker of Everypony's Hearts, Archduchess of Equestria and Viscountess of Darkness, Sovereign Heir to the Nightmare Moon, Our Lady and Savior, the Bane of Changelings, Tamer and Mistress of Discord, Beatii Sanctus Emeritus, whose voice peals with a thunder that echoes through a heart made empty by the conniving of secretive and untrustworthy allies.***
  3. ORIGINAL CONTENT: Because I have to draw a plate-armored elf girl fighting a monster SOMETIME, dang it.
So, as we begin 015.M3, that's the plan, and that's where I stand.  Seeing how my last picture was an inking of Alerane's demon, (Inks - Alerane's Demon) I guess we're on to Fan Art.  Feel free to make a suggestion below.  Your name and idea will be prominently displayed, and open to the ridicule and amusement of the internet, much like mine.

Ho ho ho.

By royal decree of the Viscountess of Darkness,
Nemesor Daniel
Chapter Master Pertierra
Daniel Khan
Archon Daniel
Brevet Company Commander Daniel Pertierra
(Insert other WH40K commander title for an army I played HERE)

*I should add that I don't do this anymore.  I instead spend uncounted hours statting up monsters and rolling dice with two groups of fantasy enthusiasts while providing a narrative structure for them to kill my monsters in.  Because that's so much better, yeah
**Really, two of those things are pretty much identical, so this has been an exercise in redundancy. It was also a way to write three clauses without listing, "and attract more followers", so I don't seem like a greedy git wh-... oops.
***I... where the HFIL did that come from?  All I know is that it came forth all at once and with crystal clarity.
  • Reading: Grimm's Fairy Tales
  • Watching: The Hogfather
  • Playing: Pathfinder and D&D
  • Eating: Cabbage
  • Drinking: Tepid water

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Dan is an aspiring novelist who's loved books for a long time, but loved drawing for longer. However, being very slow at drawing and moderately faster at writing, his DeviantART account doesn't get as much love or attention as it should or used to. His cats keep him company.

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I Must say I'm happy I decided to take a look at your gallery, it's really great stuff. Cheers and Happy New Year.
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That said, thanks for looking through my gallery, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you as well!

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